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Help Desk

For questions about Volunteer Hours for Snohomish County BW, please contact one of:

Hours and Contacts

Why should I bother tracking hours and contacts?
The WSU Snohomish County Beach Watchers staff use recorded hours/contacts in tracking overall activities, and in asking for help (funds!) from various donors and agencies. The hours/contacts together show that they will get a lot of 'bang for their buck' by supporting WSU Snohomish County Beach Watchers.
W.S.U. and Washington's Dept. of Labor & Industries are able to provide you liability and medical insurance protection during your voluntary activities for WSU. Reporting your volunteer hours is helpful to the University when providing that protection and the really good thing is that it helps your coordinator manage your program locally. Knowing your contributions to the local community are important for us to be able to report our successes to county commissioners, legislators, and funders
How do I record hours?
Once logged in, you will see a summary of previously entered hours (if any).

1. When did you do the activity, and for how long?

Click on the calendar and select the day. OR you may enter it as yyyy-mm-dd.

Then enter a starting time. (new WSU requirement in 2010)

You then have a choice:

  • enter the hours you spent
  • OR enter the time you stopped.
  • In either case, remember to include any prep or travel time

2. How many contacts with the public did you have ?

Hint: If you had no contacts with the public, it is okay to leave that box empty.

Contacts are any members of the public you engage with while doing an activity. Some examples:

  • number of people you talked with while acting as a beach naturalist.
  • number of people you talked with while staffing a booth or poster at a public event.
  • Talks - approximate number of general public in the audience (e.g., not members of WSU Snohomish County Beach Watchers)

3. Optional note fields:

  • how many miles you drove
  • note for your own records, say the name of the beach you monitored.

4. Click on [ Add Hours -for- Your Name ]

How do I to enter multiple similar records easily ?
In the page that shows after you enter hours for ActivityName, you may click on one of ... Then ..
I made a mistake in entering my hours. What do I do?
If you've -just- entered them, there will be a link to "make a correction to the record you just entered".
At any time, you can click on My History then click on the blue date in any row to review/edit the previously entered information.
Can I delete a previous entry?
Yes. Click on My History then click on the blue date in the row you want to delete. On the form that appears, scroll down and click the delete-button at bottom-right.
I don't want other people to see my hours.
The only people who can see your hours are yourself, and the WSU Snohomish County Beach Watchers staff (and any administrative helpers they designate)
I haven't entered hours since (... a long time ago ...)
Check the Help Desk for the person who can help you with this.

Privacy, Passwords

Who will see this information?
The hours is for use by WSU Snohomish County Beach Watchers staff, to be used in summarized form to indicate how many hours its volunteers contribute. The address, phone, and email information is for use by WSU Snohomish County Beach Watchers staff, and to expedite contacting other WSU Snohomish County Beach Watchers volunteers. See below for how it will be used.
Why do i have to remember another password?
It is important that your information is secure, so that only you and the WSU Snohomish County Beach Watchers administrative staff can see it. We have made it as easy as possible to administer your password:
I always forget my password from month to month
When you want to enter new hours, just enter your email, and click on [Send me a new password].
You will receive an email with a hyperlink that will contain a new password, and log you into the system automatically.
Once logged in, you have the option to change your password to whatever you want, but you do not need to do so. You can choose to continue to use the email link to login.
Why can't you give me my old password?
To maximize security, your password is kept in a special encoded form, so neither the administrators nor the software can retrieve your password.
Each time you login, your password is run through a special encoding algorithm to check that it matches the stored encoded password.
My spouse and I share an email. How will that work?
When you log in (using the shared email/password), you must first pick your name before you can enter hours.
If your spouse wants to then enter hours, you must first logout, then they can login and select their name.
Note: If either of you change the password, it will be changed for both of you.
I don't have an email.
For those without email, track your hours on paper and mail it to the WSU Snohomish County Beach Watchers staff once a quarter, where they (or their helpers) will enter it into the system for you.
Do I have to logout?
You don't normally need to logout; but should do so if you have logged in at a public work-station, like those at a library.

My Info

What will this contact information be used for?
Administrators will use this:
We also use it:
My address or email or phone information is wrong or incomplete.
Click on the My.Info tab.
Then just click on the edit button to the right of whatever you want to change.
My name is spelled wrong.
Please check the Help Desk for the coordinator who can correct your name for you.
I have an unlisted phone.
You do not need to list your phone if you do not wish to.

You also have the option of specifying that your contact information should be used ONLY by administrators, and not shared with other volunteers. Click on the My.Info tab, then look at Sharing Options.

Finding Others ...

How can I find contact info for other volunteers.
Click on the Find tab, and enter a part of their first or last name.
Optionally, you can restrict your search to


My friend/spouse does not use the internet. Can I enter information on his/her behalf?
No. In order to meet WSU audit requirements, those volunteers not entering their own hours -must- sent a signed paper form to the coordinator each month.
Therefore, the previous 'buddy' feature has been disabled. (effective November 2010).
Please check with your coordinator for the form that will need to be filled out and signed monthly.
On receipt of the signed form, the coordinator may delegate the actual data entry to the a small set of volunteer helpers.