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An Introduction to the Volunteers Hours and Info Database


The Volunter Hours and Info database was first developed for Island County Beach Watchers in 2007 by one of their incoming volunteers with a background in web applications. The focus was on making it easy for volunteers to enter their hours, and easy for coordinators to get an overview of what was going on.

It has been enhanced in 2010 to meet new WSU tracking requirement (in particular, start times for activities), and to increase overall usability for both volunteers and coordinators.

What does it track ?
Where Does It Run?

Each volunteer organization has its own private database.

All databases currently run 'in the cloud', at

How does it relate to the WSU database

We provide a query capability for WSU to use where activities are mapped into a small set of categories, but per volunteer detail is kept. They plan to pull the data approximately once a month, and put it into the WSU database where it can drive reports of interest to WSU.

How does a volunteer use it?
My Info Review/update your
  • address
  • phone(s)
  • email
  • password
  • settings for how the information will (or won't) be shared with fellow volunteers
My Hours

Review summary of your recorded hours, or enter new hours.

Click on any activity to record new hours for it.
Activities with hours recorded in the past year are shown first,
followed by all other activites with recorded hours.

If it is a new activity for you, click on Choose another Activity and report hours for it.

My History This shows each of your hours records in the database, with the most recent first.
  • Click on any date/time to make corrections to the entry.
  • Click on any activity to record new hours for it.
  • Click on download to get a full copy, suitable for a spreadsheet.
  • Click on quarterly view to see a multi-year summary by quarter.
Find... Lets you find fellow volunteers by name, class-year or city.
Help Desk

Lists the contact people for -your- organization
who can help you with any questions you have about entering your hours.

Overview Provides access to:
  • Quarterly summary of hours/contacts for -all- volunteers in your organization.
  • Overview of all activities for your organization.
  • Relevant overview documents
  • Helpful links for -your- organization

For the next level of information, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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